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In 1893, the Sisters of Notre Dame opened St. John the Baptist School to educate the children of the parish.  Today, St. John the Baptist School continues to provide a quality, Catholic education for students from Preschool through Grade Eight from our parish and several other North Shore communities. 

The philosophy of St. John's stresses the development of the whole child, the nurturing and strengthening of the gifts of faith an intellect and the development of social responsibility.  We, at St. John School, are committed to educating our children to be men and women of faith, not only aware of the world in which we live, but also prepared and motivated to improve the world for all people.   Faith, and the growth of our relationship with God, demands bot the teaching of Catholic doctrine and the experience of a faith community.  We strive toward the development of the faith community, not only as a concept to be taught, but also as a reality to be lived.

Intellectual achievement is the reason for an school to exist. At St. John the Baptist School we respect the developmental stages and learning style of each to create and atmosphere of success that cultivates a positive self image and allows each child to grow spiritually as well as academically.  We expect, encourage and applaud each child's best work in order to effect the full development of his or her potential. 

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